A man who set up a camera to catch the person responsible for repeatedly puncturing his bike's tyres was shocked to discover
While using a phone in bed might prevent some of us from unwinding properly at the end of the day, we're pretty sure after
A Republican congressman from Texas has voiced his opposition to abortion as early as 15 weeks after conception – because
I lay there terrified and wondering how the hell I have gotten this so wrong. It hadn't said anything about sex in the marketing; tantric, solo or otherwise. I am a pretty open-minded person and am seeking new adventures. But I want to know what I am signing up for first before I end up in a room with 18 strangers feeling their sex.
Watching online porn can interfere with your short-term memory, researchers have found. The German study saw a test group
Today, girls may know more about sex but Lace's message of empowerment and equality is as relevant and important as it was 30 years ago. It's a pity that modern novels, especially informative ones that involve women's sexuality are put down as 'mummy porn', 'bonkbusters', 'bodice rippers', 'beach-reads', 'w*nk-fodder' or, simply, trash. But what has clearly been proved, and what has changed in the last 30 years, is that women are far more openly interested in having an enjoyable sex life.
This weekend will see the London release of the film Hysteria – a romantic comedy about the invention of the vibrator in
Imagine every time you made love to somebody, you had Louis Theroux come up behind you and back you on the back. It'd be truly mortifying, wouldn't it? And that's just happened to this guy. I imagine the only reason he's still doing it is because he needs more money for his zombie truck
Even a decade ago, using a vibrator or (worse!) a male mastubator was an admission of failure, a last resort for the losers in love who had given up on ever having an actual flesh-and-blood relationship. All the lonely people, the Beatles nearly sang, where do they go to come? But now, according to research, the sex toy market is worth an estimated £250m a year in the UK.
First of all, let me express my distaste at having to refer to masturbation as 'female masturbation'. It suggests from the