maternity fashion

It has not been a good start to my 30th week of pregnancy... Sleeping is a struggle, walking is a struggle, the sickness has returned and I can kiss any independence good bye when it comes to putting my own boots on.
In the 80s there wasn't much on the market except for unflattering pieces, commonly referred to as 'tents'. They disguised the bump and the design tended to have a one-size-fits-all approach, which usually ended up adding 10 years and goodness knows how many pounds on even the slimmest and most youthful mum-to-be.
It's hard for me now to imagine juggling two young children with a demanding home-business, but I guess I always had the bigger picture in my mind, which was the huge possibilities that lay ahead if I could get this to work. I looked permanently exhausted, but I didn't mind.
If you're pregnant at this time of the year; how do you stay on trend and remain your stylish self whilst nurturing your bump?
So, yes, the bump has arrived. The mild morning sickness I was experiencing is all but gone (though I confess I just had a moment of quease and had to neck a packet of Worcester sauce flavour French Fries. They saw off that nauseous bad boy;))