matt haig

From Bananarama’s autobiography to Lord Of The Rings-esque fantasy, read on for some welcome distraction.
Wellness is gendered, say experts, with damaging consequences.
From stories helping kids navigate grief to activity books to calm the mind.
The combination of relaxing music and the soft glare of the laptop also helps his little ones fall asleep.
'I was trying to find words to talk to someone and pull them back out of the hole.'
At age 24, Matt Haig walked out of the villa he was staying in with his girlfriend in Ibiza and debated taking his own life
Part of my illness (a trigger) is when I hear I'm going to meet someone like Matt and I immediately want to look up which one of us sold more books. I have learned to hold back because if it's him, I know I'm going to get that jolt in the stomach that signifies envy and if I accumulate a lot of them, I can tip into the foothills of madness.
I started to wonder why this didn't happen to me at other times in my life, which were also pretty high on the trauma richter scale. Like when I worked in retail, or I had a gigantic needle stuck in my hip bone, or when my boyfriend dumped me on our anniversary, or when I was forced to read out a poem about my invisible pet gerbil in the year two leavers assembly.
MaAtt Haig's latest novel, The Humans, is a simple yet moving story that will have you weeping at the beauty and futility of it all.