Matt Ridley

Overconsumption and overpopulation are intertwined. The prospect of 10 billion people or more living as we in the developed nations do now is frightening but unrealistic, I think; environmental degradation will crush that aspiration before it can reach full term.
We all know that the world's average temperature hasn't changed much for ten or fifteen years. As a result, warnings about dangerous global warming appear to have been awry. Static temperatures for the last decade don't disprove the predictions of pessimistic climate models, but they do make them less likely.
The man who led Northern Rock bank to its near collapse has been 'elected' to the House of Lords. Viscount Ridley won a special
I have noted of late the prevailing right wing view of the history of capitalism. In response to the left's general dismay at how unequal and corrupt the world is, the right crow patronisingly about how we've never had it so good.
The ideas proposed by Ed Miliband in his speech to the IPPR on immigration include forcing firms to disclose if over 1 in 4 of their employees are from overseas, tighter enforcement of wage controls and ultimately fine companies if they do not comply.