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Matt Smith has revealed that he would like to return to ‘Doctor Who’ in the future. He played The Doctor in the sci-fi series
We know that 'Doctor Who' can inspire a little bit more than the average fan-ship. But the uber-talented Chang Dai has gone
It was the 800th episode, it was Matt Smith's farewell, so it was right and fitting that Steven Moffat threw the kitchen
John Hurt takes his place at number nine in the complete line-up But Moffat more than compensated with what WAS in there
Doctor Who is celebrating his 50th birthday in November, and the BBC have finally unveiled their plans to mark the special
Matt Smith has donned a wig for his return as the Timelord in the 'Doctor Who' Christmas special. The soon-to-be-departed
Matt Smith and three other stars who have taken the lead role in Doctor Who will be guests at a celebration for the show's
Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who and will bow out in the Christmas special when he will be replaced by a new incarnation
This first new episode, number 7 of Series 7, found Stephen Moffat's team using their typical flair for sniffing the zeitgeist
Matt Smith is to bow out as the eleventh 'Doctor Who' during the Christmas special after four years in the role, according