Mau Mau

I don't think this can be said loudly enough because it should be big news. The UK government has decided to pay compensation to over 5,000 people it tortured and kept in concentration camps in Kenya 60 years ago. It has, however, refused to accept legal responsibility for the crimes committed, or to use the word 'sorry'.
Foreign Secretary William Hague is to make a statement in the Commons on Thursday that is expected to set out plans to compensate
The Mau Mau, it must be said, were vile. After swearing to magical oaths, they butchered children, they tortured, mutilated and murdered - mostly Africans - who would not join their movement. The Kenyan government now calls them heroes, and has a national day in October to honour them, which is a despicable re-writing of history. But the British response to the uprising was also brutal, driven by the atavistic fears of the settlers in the so-called White Highlands, commonly regarded as the most snobbish and racist in the Empire.
An attempt by three elderly Kenyans to win damages from the Government over alleged colonial atrocities during the Mau Mau
Four Kenyans who claim they were tortured at the hands of colonial authorities during the Mau Mau rebellion have won the