Mauricio Pochettino

Tottenham Hotspur are the Premier League's form team right now. They've won seven straight games, the last two by thumping 4-0 score-lines, have the best defence in the league, and only a single goal is keeping them and being the most prolific scorers as well.
Well, well, well. Has that made things interesting? I mean, considering Jose is putting his eggs pretty much in the basket labelled Europa League, United's win at Old Trafford has to go down as a bit of a shock...
What a week in football. We started with #PieGate, we slipped into #ClaudioGate, had Stoke unable to #ShutTheGate live on
The FA Cup was back in action over the weekend, giving us a break from seeing Liverpool spontaneously self-combust their
Kane isn't thought to have suffered any bone fractures of ligament tears when he rolled his ankle, so the damage from the strain won't be long-term and will heal with rest and time. While that process is ongoing, he can rest in general as well. In the meantime, it's up to Vincent Janssen to score the goals and give Mauricio Pochettino the good kind of manager headache for when a refreshed Kane is ready to come back into the fold.
Okay, so let's get the final result against Newcastle out of the way first. Inexcusable, embarrassing, and in a tragic kind of way actually rather amusing given the plaudits that have been welcomed throughout the season. A draw, just a little draw, against one of the worst teams in the league was all that was needed to prove Spurs had been better than Arsenal.
Pochettino is at the right stage of his career, at the right club, with the right squad to make a history-making difference. He could be the next man at Chelsea, the man in the shadow at United, or THE man at Tottenham Hotspur. It doesn't even seem worth consideration.
Not all managers can afford to show Pochettino levels of patience, when some are constantly peering over their own shoulders and praying they don't lose three matches in a row. But Spurs aren't the most patient club in history, and the strong position they find themselves in is testament to their manager's bravery.
Arsenal are back. After 11 years without a Premier League title, the Gunners are finally in a position to challenge once more and return to the summit of English football. They're second in the table, the British press and television pundits are purring and it's only a matter of time before Arsene Wenger has his hands firmly on the trophy again, right? Wrong!
Right now Tottenham boast the longest unbeaten run in the league and a defensive record that cannot be bettered. Liverpool visit White hart Lane on Saturday under new boss Jurgen Klopp. Of course it would be very Spursy to be swept away by the tide of renewed Scouse optimism. But Spurs aren't Spursy anymore.