Maya Rudolph

The Bridesmaids star got a bit overfamiliar whens he spotted George Clooney in the crowd.
“I’m sweating! Beyoncé’s head is wet! This wing is wrecking me,” Rudolph's Beyoncé said during the Saturday Night Live sketch.
For those who didn't fancy staying up all night to watch a load of rich people win awards, here's what went down.
Alec Baldwin also made what could be his final appearance as Donald Trump.
The singer even belted out a few of her classic hits along the way.
"We can all Make America Not Actively on Fire Again," Jim Carrey's Joe Biden told voters.
The comic actor will appear in the new season of SNL, opposite Maya Rudolph as running mate Kamala Harris.
Natalie Portman, Jamie Dornan and Maya Rudolph were among those who featured on a video put together by the Wonder Woman star.
Including surprising performances, huge red carpet moments and even a couple of shock wins.
Here are the standout moments from the Academy Awards.