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One of the first things we teach our children at they learn to fend for themselves is the practicality of how to use a knife
Some of my rivals for the nomination seem to believe that what is needed is distance from Boris. They think that criticizing and sniping at his time in office will somehow give them credibility in their own campaign. That's a huge shame.
Boris Johnson has agreed to pay a capital gains tax bill in the US which he previously rejected as "absolutely outrageous
Boris Johnson is no stranger to controversy, and immigration is among the most controversial debates in UK politics. The
Does Boris Johnson want to be Prime Minister? 2014 was the year that, basically, gave all of us the answer. Normally, the
David Cameron has promised to block European Union migrants from claiming welfare for the first four years after they arrive
Boris Johnson has suggested that many countries are unlucky to have missed out on the "benefit of British rule". The London
Boris Johnson has dismissed critics of a controversial US-EU trade deal as "numskulls" and "left-wing misery guts globalisation
Boris Johnson has boasted that he can "drink an awful lot at lunch" and still work well, but insisted he is now a much more
Boris Johnson has come under fire amid reports he is set to approve plans for 98 "affordable" flats that could cost up to