Mazher Mahmood

Former News of the World undercover journalist Mazher Mahmood, known as the Fake Sheikh, has been charged with conspiring
I worked alongside Maz for 13 years when I was political editor of the News of the World and found him a tough, resourceful and committed reporter. Like a well-trained hunting dog, he was always straining at the leash and desperate to get stuck in to the next big story.
Boris Johnson posed as a drug dealer in an elaborate sting that wouldn't go amiss in a Hollywood movie, it has been revealed
The actions of the Fake Sheikh undercover reporter have been described as "far more serious than phone hacking." Despite
The controversial 'fake sheikh' investigative journalist Mazher Mahood has sensationally hit out at BBC Panorama's claims
The BBC has cancelled its plans to air a controversial expose of "fake sheikh" Mazher Mahmood on Monday's Panorama, because
UPDATE: No it won't - the BBC has pulled the show. More here. Lawyers for journalist Mazher Mahmood have lost a final legal
Tulisa's co-defendant Mike GLC, who also walked from from court after the trial's collapse It is not the first time a trial
Managers at the Times knew one of their reporters had tried to hack into an anonymous blogger's email before they fought
Former News of the World investigations editor Mazher Mahmood admitted today that he once "foolishly" changed electronic
A former News of the World investigative journalist has told an inquiry into press standards that his work had led to more