mcebisi jonas

The PR company’s notorious black ops may have prepared the ground for the former finance minister's axing.
The infamous late night reshuffle saw Pravin Gordhan axed as finance minister, along with his deputy Mcebisi Jonas, among others.
The emails show a draft press release alleged that former deputy finance minister Mcebisi Jonas had taken a bribe.
Bishop Malusi Mpumlwana is a worried man.
The deadline was 4 p.m. on Thursday and Zuma should have submitted his reasons, if not the record of decision.
The National Assembly failed in its duty to oversee organs of state and hold them accountable.
The former finance minister had earlier described how he heard about his firing through the media.
The former deputy finance minister didn't mince his words at the Chris Hani Memorial in Uitenhage on Sunday. These are the top five quotes.
The axed deputy finance minister says the country is being "looted" in front of our eyes, and there is no coherent strategy for radical economic transformation.
The DA is headed to court over Gordhan's firing, and its case seems thin on facts. But the stakes could not be higher.