Political foes and allies alike described Tsvangirai as a brave politician who challenged the status quo when few could dare stand up to Robert Mugabe.
Zimbabwe's veteran opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai died on Wednesday in South Africa.
The Movement for Democratic Change party, has described the resignation of long-time leader Robert Mugabe as a "new beginning for everyone in the country".
Zanu-PF hopes to impeach Mugabe on Tuesday, but it will need opposition support.
"A deal has been proposed that former vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa should lead a transitional government," says report.
President Robert Mugabe a 'goodwill ambassador'.
This amidst accusations that ordinary Zimbabweans are suffering.
Plans are allegedly underway to force Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe to quit his position as head of state, which he has occupied for 36 years.
The leader of one of the MDC's factions could be the face of the opposition in next year's Zimbabwean elections.
What did the African Union think of this? Did it call out Mugabe's henchmen for their brazen cheating? Not a bit. It gave a blithe thumbs-up to the election, with the head of the AU observer mission, former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, declaring them "free, honest and credible".