meanwhile in russia

Now THIS is teamwork... ...and a video that perfectly demonstrates Robert the Bruce's famous adage. Bravo, chaps! Or however
If you've ever wondered what it would be like to play GTA in real life - or have always longed for one of those moments when
Motorists! Need to deal with a fellow driver who's got a touch of road rage? Why, simply wind down the back window of your
Here at HuffPost UK Comedy, we don't just try to bring you the finest laugh-out-loud (or even smile-quietly-to-yourself) viral
And amazingly, he succeeds. Yes, folks, it's the cow-rustling, Russian-style. Of course, you know what this reminds us of
...especially if it’s filled with bottles of booze. Yes, we've all done this while exiting a supermarket - or while actually
Meanwhile, somewhere in Russia, an inebriated man tries and fails to get over-slash-through a fence for one minute and 30
Take one car with a flat battery. Take one tram. Actually, don't. Don't try doing this. Because take a look at what happened
Just when you thought all the great dash cam videos had emerged from Russia, along comes this gem... (Via Daily Picks And
Meanwhile, in Russia... one person's drift in an Opel Corsa turns into a really quite spectacular example of parallel parking