The British toddler pulled from the wreckage of a car crash and sent to a morgue by mistake after emergency workers thought
The head of Saudi Arabia’s religious police has condemned Twitter and all those who use it. Sheikh Abdul Latif Abdul Aziz
UPDATE Toddler Zipped Into Body Bag Before Medics Realised He Had Survived The Crash That Killed His Family Is Pictured A
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Friday marks the beginning of an important three-day holiday for Muslims across the world with millions across the world
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Thousands of viewers have complained to Channel 4 about a documentary on Islam, which suggested Mecca might not have been
Millions of Muslims flooded into the Saudi Arabian city of Mina for one of the most important Islamic rituals of the Eid
Saudi Arabia gets a lot of stick from Muslims in general. Whether religious, social, or economic, one is never hard pressed to find criticisms from believers facing the Meccan direction. And although many criticisms have justified grounds, on the following issue, I would like to stand in Saudi's defence.