Media criticism

For while the actions of Grieg and Christian were certainly deplorable, they are also far from uncommon in the modern media industry. Nor is the exploitation of humiliation and shame something novel to to the culture of entertainment.
I have never marched, shouted, or held a placard in the name of feminism, but that's not to say I would rule it out; rather, I prefer to read, write, laugh, discuss and debate in the name of feminism.
What next for the great British Broadcasting Corporation? I predict that this car crash will play out, more heads will roll and the internal and external torrent of frenzied accusations will inevitably dry to a trickle. But I think it's important to remember that the BBC has produced excellent journalism, and in the scheme of things, a couple of (albeit very) bad decisions on Newsnight don't constitute the abolishment of the programme or of the BBC's entire 90-year-old reputation.
Cameron has publically recognized the failures of the media sector but has been careful to remain ambivalent as to how far he would be willing to go to prevent the media abusing information available to them.
I read the news that Anders Behring Brevik has been declared 'sane', with a sense of relief for those who will now see the man punished for the despicable crimes, which he committed with malice and prior forethought. I also had a sense of triumph for those fighting the stigma and misunderstandings surrounding mental illness.
Independent newspaper editor Chris Blackhurst has warned Lord Justice Leveson is "loading a gun" at the newspaper industry
Despite Watson's claims, it is not 'one-sided', sensationalist or impartial to state the truth - that North Korea is, in fact, 'a rogue, propaganda led state' that enforces absolute control over its people through extreme brutality and fear. That is the reality, and Watson would be better served facing it than creating his own. Guardian readers, the Left, and- most importantly- the North Korean people, deserve far superior journalism than this.
There are 10 out-of-London venues for the Olympics according to the official website, and Old Trafford, St. James' Park, and Hampden Park help to sell the idea of a 'British' Games. These are all being used for football though - hardly the iconic Olympic sport and so barely inspiring.
We see the classical portrayal of what everyone thinks an anorexic should look like, because they all look the same of course. Your average anorexic will be a young, white female who is in a picture looking suitably emaciated wearing next to nothing. I sink a little inside each time I see this ridiculously stale, outdated idea of an eating disorder reported.
Kissing the devil's rump was a required foreplay at the witches Sabbath, in that one must show respect in order to profit