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not many childless women are yet willing to be spotlighted in the press, but that's partly because the press don't treat them as newsworthy, feature-worthy, in the first place. If they don't feel valued, it's a vicious circle. And yes, some of the key messages are hard to hear.
Cookies have been on the receiving end of a great deal of bad press recently. Most recently, it is rumoured that Google plans to replace cookies with a tracking technology called AdID, which has sent the debate about the future of cookies into overdrive.
Live streaming video by Ustream The latest European edition of The Huffington Post - HuffPost Deutschland - is launched today
It is less than two months since Ukip's remarkable breakthrough in May's local elections, yet as pictures of triumphant British sportsman have replaced those of a grinning, pint-wielding Nigel Farage on the front pages, commentators have pounced on a dip in support to declare the party (pub lock-in?) over.
A CNN royal commentator has appeared to confuse the current date with 1513, rather than 2013, congratulating the Duchess
The deputy editor of the Sun is to be charged with allegedly authorising payments to public officials for information, prosecutors
It was a classy ensemble by anyone's standards, but First Lady Michelle Obama's Oscars frock was given a demure makeover
BBC journalists are to go on strike and launch a corporation-wide work to rule in an escalating row over compulsory redundancies
Former Sky chairman James Murdoch was spared no criticism over his handling of the phone hacking scandal as Ofcom ruled the
Rolando Nájera is a journalist from Chihuahua, northern Mexico. He has worked for a range of different newspapers in one