It's rare to see any cabinet minister being warmly congratulated by her opposition shadow in the House of Commons. On matters involving Rupert Murdoch, it is virtually unprecedented. Governments of all shades in Britain have an almost unbroken record of abject surrender when it comes to tackling the sprawling expansion of Murdoch's media empire.
Murdoch may not want to risk a political backlash right at this moment but there is every reason why his lobbyists and political friends might want to launch a campaign to smooth the path for a take over following the next general election...
In a situation in which three companies control some 70% of daily national newspaper circulation, five companies control 70% of regional circulation and a single news wholesaler provides bulletins for the vast majority of commercial radio stations, pluralism is a problem to be addressed now and not simply to be measured later...
Apart from the news plurality issue, a new takeover bid would raise other issues.... A wholly owned Sky will give Murdoch more leverage for cross-promotion across his empire, thereby entrenching his competitive advantage and further reducing the number of alternative voices.
Harriet Harman will use a speech on Thursday to suggest limiting the share of the newspaper market one person is allowed
Conference season is in full swing, and there has never been a better chance to slay the dragon of poor media plurality in the UK.
Nick Clegg has signalled it’s time to “look again” at media plurality rules, after Labour leader Ed Miliband called for new