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Classic top American villains are more likely to have a dermatological problem when compared to their rival heroes, a recent
The answer to all of the above is yes, yes and yes my disability does not stop me from wanting to find love, have a sex life or be seen as desirable. So why do people feel they need to ask these questions to people with disabilities?
Lucas Adeyefa, BKChat cast member This condescending notion that someone is less than you because they do not share the same
I am deeply disappointed that Eastenders, a national institution with such a great record in positive disability representation, and so much power over its audience, has covered such an important disability issue so negatively. In two minutes of storyline, it has done the exact opposite of everything I work hard to do every day.
There's a plethora of non-white talent in the UK that hasn't been viewed by the BRITs let alone the general public. If the awards focused on record quality, rather than record sales then acts like Boy Better Know, FKA Twigs and Kwabs would have received a gong by now.
An eye-opening infographic by UN Women has lifted the lid on just how poorly represented women in the media are. A shocking
Have you ever read something you think is so outrageously wrong you have to correct it? Well, that feeling overwhelmed me when I read fellow Huffington Post UK blogger Jack Fletcher's post entitled Feminism Is For Men Too. I'm now going to spend the next few hundred words explaining and defending why not agreeing with feminism is not the same as being a misogynist.