Medical Marijuana

The United Kingdom is a cannabis conundrum. On the one hand it is home to the leading medical cannabis pharmaceutical company
More than anything, let's make sure the United Kingdom is finally in step with what many other countries are acknowledging: that cannabis does have a therapeutic use, one that deserves to be fully researched, regulated and made available to patients.
He is backing a UK initiative to explore cannabis-based medicines.
Patrick Stewart has told of how he uses marijuana on a daily basis to treat arthritis. The ‘Star Trek’ actor explained he
Draft guidelines on how cannabis may be legally produced for medical purposes are due to be published.
At which point you may have assumed that Theresa May had done a policy U-turn and decided to legalise medical cannabis. And you will almost certainly have got lost with all the talk of non-psychoactive compounds, cannabinoids, CBD, THC and the like.
US medical university study finds that teens perceive dagga as less harmful when it's legalised, which researchers say is crucial for policy development.
Vera Twomey-Barry, mother of 6-year-old Ava who, who due to a rare genetic condition called Dravet Syndrome, suffers from as many as 20 epileptic seizures a day, decided to march the 300km to Dublin from her home in Cork.
We in the UK need to look to countries around the world and realise what is happening. The UK has a proud history as a leading centre for innovation in pharmaceuticals and medical care. A new industry is being created with the real potential to transform the quality of life of patients suffering from appalling conditions. The UK could play a key role in creating the treatments people need. We need to seize the opportunity now.
Forget ibuprofen or hot water bottles, women in America are inserting cannabis-filled suppositories into their vaginas in