medical negligence

This leads to the question of even if we find the funding to replace these doctors and nurses who would take up these jobs? Potentially we just train more British nurses and doctors. A novel idea but it remains a question if the incentives are there to bring people into the profession. It remains to be seen how Brexit will pan out, but at the moment we're looking at a picture which potentially sees our patients and NHS impacted adversely.
Trust in the institution has been seriously eroded by the often high-handed and aloof approach of senior managers towards patients. When things go wrong - as they inevitably and understandably will from time to time - care for the patient is far less important to some senior managers than self-preservation.
Mrs Baker is a 31-year old mother from County Durham. After suffering from extreme back pain for a couple of years, made
Simon Stevens, the new head of NHS England, kick-started his leadership of a million-plus strong workforce this week by giving them a simple mantra to follow - "think like a patient, act like a taxpayer."
A Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist working at hospitals in the North East of England has effectively been put 'on watch' for 12 months by the General Medical Council (GMC) after being found to have caused patients unnecessary suffering by making a series of avoidable mistakes.
Reports about the amount of money being spent by the NHS on medical negligence claims highlight the urgent need for deep-rooted changes in the way services are delivered and the way claims are handled...
The sharp rise in the reported number of patients suffering 'never events' - events that should never happen, some of which are potentially fatal - over the past year is deeply concerning, even if some of it may be down to more accurate reporting.
The true scale of the thousands of needless deaths in NHS hospitals is to be laid bare on Tuesday, with a new report detailing
Each month we hear of hundreds of new negligence cases. There are countless examples of people who have been denied basic care such as food or water. It's all desperately depressing stuff, but would you deny these people, or their families, the chance to use compensation to rebuild their lives, which have been irrevocably changed forever?
A nurse has admitted administering an overdose of salt to a baby who later died, a medical tribunal heard. The concentration