medical science

Diagnosed with a terminal illness, marine archaeologist Mike Bowyer decided to save lives, by donating his body to medical
A doctor has made the bold claim that the first human head transplant could take place in as little as two years. Dr Sergio
Imagine being able to extend your life span by 15 per cent but without any of the negatives that come with being older for
Scientists at the University of Texas have created a special DNA 'glue' that could hold the key to hospitals being able to
With church and religion being always against any form of interference in the natural course of childbirth, especially using science, it remains to be seen whether the doors will open for Ectogenesis or if they will be sealed shut. In any case, Science has already found its path now.
Scientists have developed an off switch for the brain. About ten years ago researchers studying how the brain functions introduced
A team of British scientists is working on growing body parts including noses, ears and blood vessels in the lab. Professor
Scientists have announced they are now able to 'film' the brain as it forms memories. Scientists have announced they are
Scientists are able to identify which emotion you are feeling by watching your brain. The new technique involves the use
A robotic rat has been built in the lab to torment depressed rodents. The Terminator Rat was created by researchers at Waseda