Medicins Sans Frontieres

"The army that was meant to protect them bombed them instead."
As intense airstrikes resume on Syria’s east Aleppo, a doctor in one of the besieged area’s few remaining hospitals shares his story.
This rhetoric is so common that it's often not countered at all and instead, in some countries at least, put on the front page of the newspaper and repeated by politicians. It is only drop in the ocean of a very rough sea but If MSF with over 40 years' experience working with refugees and migrants can't respond to the popularist anti-migrant bile that is sweeping across Europe, who can?
We are floating at 33°14'88.8" North, 13° 22'51.8" East, in the Mediterranean sea, about 20 nautical miles east of Tripoli, Libya. Out of my porthole I can see another magnificent sunset; the sea reflecting the sun's dying rays to create a deep, orange glow. Up on deck there is nothing but sea in every direction.
The protective suits have sometimes caused problems with local people It was not something Caleo experienced. "We have tried
When villagers in some of the most remote corners of West Africa began to show symptoms of a deadly, unknown virus, locals
West Africa's Ebola epidemic is completely "out of control", with more than 60 outbreaks across three nations and doctors
The medical aid charity, Médecins Sans Frontières, reputed for working in some of the world's most dangerous areas, is to
British medical personnel can volunteer to help with the Government's humanitarian emergency response to disasters overseas
This focus on the very young is perhaps a natural reflex, yet we mustn't allow it to blind us to the needs of older people. As a doctor myself, and currently president of an international medical humanitarian organisation operating in emergencies around the world, I want to challenge our sense that we should always focus first on the needs of the very young in emergencies.