It is all the more fascinating, then, to find such texts imagining female desire and imagining it strikingly and unsettlingly. In endlessly surprising ways, popular medieval stories recognize that women have understandable erotic desires
There should be more emphasis on chivalry for the sake of common decency, not for reasons relating to the patriarchy or a woman's 'fragility'. Equally, neither individual women nor society should expect men to foot the bill. So, chivalry certainly isn't dead, but that doesn't mean that women can't open doors for themselves.
Medieval Reactions - aka @MedievalReacts - is the work of 19 year-old student Cathal Berragan, and it may just be Our New
In later centuries, plague victims in Cambridge were buried on local grazing land such as Midsummer Common, and it is likely
The erosion of the cliff face has been exacerbated by recent storms The Cwm Nash Burial Ground is listed by the Royal Commission
The reign of Richard III provides the historian with an endless minefield of possibilities. From his loyal service to the house of York, through the dramatic events of 1483, which saw the executions of his family and allies, the removal of his nephew from the throne and his own coronation, events will continue to divide those who remain fascinated by this enigma of a man.
Thieves have stolen two mid-15th century medieval panels from a Devon Church. The panels were taken from The Holy Trinity