Megan Stammers

The stats show that almost as many children run away from areas of high and low prosperity. It's boys as well as girls. And the most common age is 13-15-year-olds, though we've seen instances of far younger kids too.
Megan Stammers has thanked her followers on Twitter for "the nice messages of support" in her first posting since she fled
Jeremy Forrest, the maths teacher who ran away to France with teenager Megan Stammers, was applying for jobs as a barman
Jeremy Forrest, the married teacher missing with his teenage pupil, might not have been identified under a new law that comes
Jim and Julie Forrest appealed for their son Jeremy to come home during a press conference "There are a lot of people back
Jeremy Forrest, performing under the name "Jeremy Ayre" France has open borders with Spain, as well as Germany, Italy, Belgium
A European arrest warrant has been issued for Jeremy Forrest, the 30-year-old maths teacher who fled Britain with 15-year
The father of maths teacher Jeremy Forrest will make a public appeal for his son to return home with his runaway teenage
Hopes and dreams: Stammers published a bucket list on her Tumblr account On Thursday the brother of one of Megan’s friends
Confusion reigned today over how intensely the search for runaway schoolgirl Megan Stammers and her teacher was being conducted
Maths teacher Jeremy Forrest who has run away to France with schoolgirl Megan Stammers will not be arrested, French prosecutors
The father of Jeremy Forrest, the 30-year-old maths teacher who has runaway to the continent with schoolgirl Megan Stammers
Police have released new CCTV images of runaway schoolgirl Megan Stammers and her 30-year-old maths teacher taken as the
Further concerns were raised about child safeguarding at missing teen's Megan Stammers school after it emerged that a former
A friend of missing 15-year-old Megan Stammers allegedly warned school staff about her relationship with her married maths
Jeremy Forrest, performing under the name "Jeremy Ayre" "My message to Mr Forrest is that this may not have gone as you expected
A 30-year-old man believed to have run away to France with a 15-year-old schoolgirl is one of her teachers, sources said
The father of a missing 15-year-old girl who is believed to have travelled to France with a man has made an appeal for her