Meghan Markle

As if Meghan Markle hasn’t had enough to contend with since it was revealed that she’s in a relationship with Prince Harry
A Royal sighting.
Meghan Markle has been fearless in describing the abuse she has suffered.
Meghan Markle has described the racial abuse she has suffered, both in childhood and at the hands of social media trolls
When I first saw the trailer to A United Kingdom, I felt a prickle on my skin, a gust of affiliation to this story promising to tell the triumph of an interracial relationship. I was bewitched by this film that showed a black man and a white woman in love, something of a given for me growing up in a mixed-race household...
My favourite reaction to Prince Harry's recent complaint about press treatment of his girlfriend came from comedian Katherine
The managing editor of the Daily Mail has hit out at The Guardian’s “psychotic hatred” of tabloids amid the row over press
Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle has reportedly requested a leave of absence from work commitments. Meghan stars in