Melanie Phillips

Spider-Man is a meme for these times and what I think of when I see Melanie Phillips’ article about anti-Muslim bigotry and anti-Semitism
Times columnist Melanie Phillips said on Tuesday she reaches "for the sick bag" when she hears people say they "don't want
To witness, in full swing, the 'politics of apology', with all its childish, faux-outrage, and fuelled by right-wing tabloid hysteria, is pretty dispiriting. Labour's Harriet Harman, I am assured, has no plans to apologise for her role in the National Council for Civil Liberties four decades ago. And, in the absence of a 'smoking gun', nor should she have to.
Comedian Russell Brand is to be a panellist on political debate show Question Time, sharing the stage with Mayor of London
Journalist and author Melanie Phillips has sparked a storm after claiming that Barack Obama's second term will wreak havoc
Boris Johnson provoked both glee and outrage when he wrote, in his regular Telegraph column, that the next Director General of the BBC should be a Tory. "Imagine", opined Alastair Campbell "if we had said what Boris said". The difference, of course, is that a Labour politician would never say it. They just did it.
As hard as it may be to envisage, it is possible that some of you may have missed my appearance on BBC Radio Four's Broadcasting House programme over the weekend.
Partnerships with London's Muslim community have been far more effective at fighting terrorism in the capital than confrontation
Using an IstyOsty link is like a 21st century Twitter version of a Masonic handshake.