men's grooming products

The weather has taken a drastic turn in our favour in recent days and with it comes a whole new set of challenges for men and their grooming routines. Exposure to the sun can dry out the skin, while humid temperatures increase the production of oil and grease on the surface of the skin. A careful balance and a new skincare routine can help to keep you looking your best.
If you find you are always styling with one eye on the clock, there is no doubt a freshly cut head of hair is a lot quicker and easier to handle. Try to keep your visits to the chair regular and you'll find your hair falls in to place of its own accord.
This is about thinking smart and listening to your stylist. Right now, we are seeing the trend of dismantling the large heavy blocked quiffs that have dominated the industry for the past 5 years. This is showing itself in two ways. Firstly, guys have a lot of length on the top, versus what they have on the sides, we are seeing a lot of elastic band type haircuts (you know who you are!).
We're headed full speed into the season of late skiing, bank holiday jaunts and weddings and with it brings a whole new set of demands in the bathroom department. But fear not I've sifted through the shelves to separate the wheat from the chaff all so you don't have to brave the high street.
I know from my girlfriends that many men are not averse to smoothing on a product or two - and not only do most of them secretly use their lady's scrubs and tubs, but men's products have increased by 70% over the last six years, meaning that our dads, husbands, brothers and boyfriends now have a bathroom cabinet of their own.