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Men need a lot of help they aren't getting these days. A lot of them feel lost, confused, left out, and frustrated. In observing my own work and the work of many other men through the years, I've seen some common factors that feed the unhappy, unsettling pattern of feeling lost in one's own life as a man:
Carl Chamberlain is a spoken word poet, open mic host and story-teller living in London. In this vlog for HuffPost UK he talks about why he chose to be photographed for Manhood: The Bare Reality, a a collection of photographs and interviews in which men from all walks of life bare all and discuss what masculinity means to them.
Despite progress in social attitudes, men are still taught they should be masculine, strong, able to protect themselves, and to do so without crying or showing 'weak' emotions. This can mean that when a man is the victim of sexual abuse, assault or rape, he is often blamed, shamed or disbelieved.
bmm banner.jpg I don't want my sons to share the programming which has crippled me. I don't want them to grow up in a world which victimizes boys for showing weakness and which treats mental health issues without compassion.
By the end of today in the UK about 12 men will have died at their own hands. It happened yesterday and it will happen tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that too. Actually, there's no indication of when it will stop... Suicide is very much a male issue, with men almost four times more likely than women to take their own life, but the reasons why are unclear. This November HuffPost UK will dedicate the entire month to talking about the mental health and wellbeing issues that impact on the lives of men in our Building Modern Men series.
Bald prejudice is often a subtle mask for a different snap judgement, as many people presume that a man with a shaved head is one of two things: gay or racist...Men who shave their heads receive prejudice from both the socially liberal and the socially conservative, seeing us as a demon representative of something they abhor.
Most people my age are out drinking cocktails, playing crazy golf and squeezing every drop out of youth before real adulthood kicks in. Yet I'm at home, crying under a florescent light as I razor the stubble from the back and sides of my scalp.
Men of Reddit have spoken out about the ways they completely ignore gender stereotypes, challenging tired expectations simply
I'd like to publicly say thanks Kemi. Thank you for highlighting in Greater Manchester, there are an estimated 35,564 males that have experienced sexual offences in the past four years. Thank you for highlighting there are an estimated 34,177 that didn't report anything. Thank you for taking the time and effort to stand up and use your voice to help male survivors.
A shocking social experiment has revealed how the public is much less likely to intervene in incidences of female violence