mens issues

The new democratic masculinity encompasses three hundred and sixty degrees of being. Men who can express views, emotions and feelings from their adventurous, pioneering spirit, through the deeply responsible and mature, to the nurturing and loving core.
Despite a high percentage of male hair loss sufferers experiencing the effects of hereditary Male Pattern Baldness, stress and nutrition can also affect the quality of the hair. This in my opinion is the reason why there are many myths surrounding hair loss.
As a young man I was an above average footballer. In my mind my destiny was to equal and then surpass all the famous number 10's in world history, Pele, Maradona, Greaves and Law. As a supporter of QPR my heritage was that of Rodney Marsh and Stan Bowles.
It has been argued, men don't feel they are good at such sensitive jobs, they feel they lack the necessary skills and caring work has traditionally been the female domain, and has become highly feminised, often men say they are intimidated by the environments...
The tache may have gone out of fashion with Hitler (aside from certain areas of East London, I'm told) but ultimately men are free to grow or shave their hair as they see fit... But for women, any natural or stylistic variation in hair on any part of the body except the head is markedly absent.
Most men secretly want to grow a moustache. As much as we may deny it there is a definite attraction in adorning our faces with an expressive, character defining moustache. While beards have retained a certain roguish charm... moustaches on their own have remained resolutely anti-fashion.
It's common to initially go into denial, however you need to wise up and act fast. It might sound harsh; but it really is the best advice I can give you. Because we have already lost 50% of our hair BEFORE we even notice we have MPB.
To some of my fellow 'lads' of Britain I make this simple call to you - don't pretend that making sexist chants on a bus can be passed off as a "bit of a laugh"... if you want to strut about like peacocks showing off who's got the largest set of feathers then don't do it in public for the world to see your idiotic behaviour.
As a sufferer you feel a loss of identity and self-image when you start to realize your losing your hair and it truly can be devastating. Your loss in confidence and self-esteem along with the lack of control surrounding your hair loss only amplifies your fear.
My husband has battled on and off with clinical depression for 25 years. When he tried to explain it to me he said, "Imagine it's your birthday and your child has just been born. You should by all rights be happy, but you can't even touch the emotion of happiness - the black cloud that hangs over consumes you. It is the only thing you can see."