mens issues

Is it the inspiration of dapper gentlement in the likes of cult television shows such as Mad Men, James Bond in his speedos or tuxedo, or the gorgeous David Gandy? Is it that men are becoming more clued up on fashion, style and showing more of an interest in having a beauty regime? Men are becoming more vain than women and it's not just me thinking this.
This new and disturbing male trend is nothing if not a taste of our own medicine. Women have been required to maintain punishing deforestation routines since cosmetic companies began to manufacture more razor blades than they could sell to face-shaving men.
What does masculinity mean today? What does it mean to be a man? There are so many problems with this question. The real point of enquiry - given that gender is a construct! - should be this: who have we allowed to dictate to us what this void we call masculinity is? The answer: idiots.
Allegations over male on male rape have recently hit the headlines, but because this crime is so rarely properly covered in the media, is it possible it's prone to even more misapprehension, taboo and myth, than other kinds of sexual assault?
Journalist Peter Lloyd recently hit the headlines when he revealed he was suing his local gym, the Kentish Town Sports Centre in North London, on the grounds of gender bias. Lloyd was incensed that the venue, owned by the fitness company Better, in association with Camden Council - was banning men and boys for 442 hours every year to make way for 'women-only' sessions.