Mental Health Disorders

It is research that will provide the hope for millions of people living with mental health problems that their problems are understood, and that effective help based on individual need and rigorous evidence is available
When you start talking about mental illness and class people start to get really uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean we can ignore it
It’s often been insinuated to me, if not directly said that ‘I have no reason to be depressed’. With a good job, a secure income, a nice house and a swish car, how could I possibly have anything to feel down about?
As a black man, I am 17 times more likely than a white man to be diagnosed with a serious mental health condition - but right now treatment is often delayed for those who are suffering
Illness may bring with it physical and emotional distress, but it shouldn’t result in financial distress
That cup of tea you offer, that open ear, the gentle text or hug could make the world of difference
Springtime is a limbo. A purgatory for people with depression. A spaceless void where we are trapped, unable to make the transition through to happiness. But hold on tight because summer is better, right?
We're often hard to read; our minds are a cacophony but yet the emotions we allow to pour through are stifled and indifferent. I have largely remained silent, feeling that any attempt at explaining something that's an entire grey area would be hopeless.