mental health services

This girl, and the many thousands like her across the country, deserve better. They should be not be left in situations where their lives are at serious risk, but instead should be able to expect care and treatment to deal with the underlying trauma they've faced, to get well and to build a future for themselves.
Love him or hate him, reports that Simon Cowell donated £100k to the Grenfell charity can only be met with positivity. It's
For years the summer has brought ever grimmer warnings about the crisis in mental heath services, expressed by the annual
What annoys me most is that I may be seen as someone who isn't using these services properly and that I am wasting time and money. I need these therapies to be a better person mentally and overall a better mum, yet nothing is done to help me go to these appointments.
"He/she is difficult to engage." It's a term that I have often heard used by psychiatric staff when talking about patients. I was described as "difficult to engage" when I was under mental health services and now that I run a Suicide Crisis Centre, I frequently hear the same phrase used by psychiatric staff who signpost to us.
In the past couple of months mental health has well and truly come to the forefront of the UK government; with all political parties talking about how they believe we can improve mental health services and with mental health effecting nearly every department of government, is it time for this government to create a minister for mental health in their cabinet?
Too many times the work of mental health services is clouded by negativity and tragedies. In many instances this means that the successes are overshadowed, and mental health teams as a whole are portrayed in a negative light. My aim today is to break that portrayal, all in dedication of the team of professionals that saved my life numerous times...
Many argue that the digital age means our young people are more connected than ever before, but there is a flipside to this as young people have their problems follow them home from school, meanwhile growing pressures to look good and look happy online mean that there is a culture of 'false happiness'.
The battle to save one psychiatric ward for women in one NHS Trust is one all feminists must support. We cannot allow services to women disappear without a fight. The closure of the ward for women demonstrates everything that is wrong with an NHS that is not patient-led.
I am delighted to say we have committed to keeping mental health at the centre of the political debate - now let's hear everyone talking about it.