mental illness

As an author, activist and crackhead struggling for the emancipation of the drug addicted, I must remain cognizant of how not all addicts are the same. We have different personalities, with as many variations as can be found in the general population.
In psychiatry, we make a distinction between "normal" grief and "abnormal" grief. The latter condition has other aliases such as "pathological grief" or "morbid grief". Should psychiatrists meddle in such a natural human reaction?
Life moves fast. It often moves too fast to take a step back and consider how this is affecting our lives or that of our
I find it interesting how keen we are to vilify 'freaks', and define them by their eccentricities. Yet often when the outcome is something as serious as a suicide, or a breakdown, then we quickly do a U-turn. We deem the case 'tragic' and retrospectively show pity.
People still don't understand enough about depression, even now with all the blogs, the websites and the famous faces associated with it. Some of the most brilliant, funny, wonderful people I know are crippled by depression and it's a hideous waste.
If we are serious about preventing teenage substance abuse, we need far stronger and rational mechanisms in place over our current approach.
A couple who named their children ‘Adolf Hitler’ and ‘Aryan Nation’ will not regain custody of their three children in Holland
I urge every good citizen to take an enlightened, progressive view, and to support the caring professions in their heroic efforts to help all right-wing nutjobs to recover from their illness and become acceptable members of society.
'Many children are suffering,' said Dilma Modesto, a Guarani health agent from Brazil. 'I want the children to be as they
Regardless of Ceri Rees's own mental health, this is not the first time that concerns have been raised about the mental wellbeing of contestants on the show, and whether it is appropriate for vulnerable people to take part in these programmes.