Government and NGO programmes alone cannot create the paradigm shift that is needed to combat South Africa’s devastating inequality.
I really wanted to get involved and contribute to my community in Tottenham. I was aware that I lacked a deeper connection with a sense of purpose or tribe where I felt I belonged. I was going through a fairly challenging time in my own life so it was a very good time to learn about abandofbrothers.
I had always felt that I needed to "make it" before I could start giving back. but over the last year I've been a mentor to a 9 year old boy called Nathaniel who had been excluded from school and - cliché I know - it's been one of the best experiences of my life. That's the honest truth.
One of the key ways to rebuild that independence is learning how to deal with the daily practicalities of a spinal cord injury. Knowing how to use a wheelchair properly, for example, can make such a difference to your quality of life.
They say you never stop learning, and I couldn't agree more. Learning is a constant journey and our understanding is always
I'm the younger child from a Jewish family with parents who encouraged me to do the very best at everything I tried. With
It's a daunting experience returning to work as a young mum in a foreign country. I taught myself to use a computer by working through a user manual and found a job as a receptionist for an American brand near to where we were living in France.
To me this makes a lot of sense: most Millennials are still in what I call the 'heavy-learning' part of their career and so mentoring at this stage can be particularly beneficial. Further, from what I've seen, it creates a very powerful tie to an organisation and by extension, to an industry.
The last couple of weeks in global politics proves that the average woman still has to fight for her right to be heard. Hundreds
The relative merits of school sixth form, sixth form colleges and FE colleges might be fiercely debated, but there is no