Meow Meow

A naked teenager stabbed his mother 11 times and reportedly cut off his own penis during a binge on the drug meow meow. Charles
Krokodil has already hit headlines for being "the most horrible drug in the world." Branded "cannibal heroin" for literally
To some, khat, variously spelled cott or qat, is known as "the flower of paradise". The leaves are chewed by many people in countries like Yemen, Somalia and Ethiopia, in much the same way that coca leaves are chewed in South America. It's a social drug used by millions of people, and in Muslim countries it offers a high that is not banned by the Koran.
A businesswoman has been charged with drug dealing after the biggest ever police raids on suppliers of party drug meow meow
Police have raided a suspected crime gang in the biggest operation to date to tackle dealing of party drug meow meow. Officers
Designer drugs have led to a surge in UK hospital admissions, an international drugs agency has warned, as a report revealed
Today, I bump into the edges of doorways. While stretching to pick up one thing, I manage to drop several others. I reverse into tables. I crash into entrances and misjudge distances. There is so much to learn about wheelchairs. I cannot think where to start.
At first, I'm not expected to live. Then it seems I'll live, but confined to bed. A day or so after that, it's one better - I'll be wheelchair-bound. Now there's a chance that I'll be able to walk again. My back has been reconstructed with metal, as has my left wrist.
Ministers have been urged to tighten the laws governing 'legal highs', as a study revealed almost 100 deaths were linked
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Nine young people have been taken to hospital after apparently taking notorious party drug Meow Meow