Angela Merkel's call yesterday for a European network "so that one shouldn't have to send emails and other information across the Atlantic" is hardly surprising given the revelations of how German and other European citizens have had their data indiscriminately collected as they use web services based overseas.
The United States is deliberately sidelining the EU as a partner. After being appointed Secretary of State, John Kerry's first trip to Europe included stops in four EU member states but none in Brussels.
The markets hope that after the elections Merkel will be more amenable in areas such as the banking union and additional bailouts for distressed Eurozone countries. Alas, the Germans will not change their stance very much.
The EU seems finally to have got it. 'Austerity Infinite' was only ever going to succeed in taking us to very bad places indeed. At the best (and I'm afraid we're going to see this anyway), violent unrest on Southern European streets.
Femen, the Ukrainian feminist group, have staged another topless attack on Vladimir Putin, as he toured a factory in Hannover this morning.
Brussels have decided the unravelling of the Euro and the wider European Project is unthinkable; in order to save the post-World War II consensus, principles and agreements are now void. The euro must be saved at all costs. Merkel has resigned to accepting the end will justify the means; a banking and political union must occur, regardless of the path of misery that awaits the periphery.
Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich with Angela Merkel Interior Minister Friedrich raised concerns over the potential
Germany's interior minister has said the country will veto the relaxation of immigration restrictions for Romanians and Bulgarians
Angela Merkel rushed off from this week's EU Summit without commenting on the deal done to shore up the financial system. Hardly surprising - other EU leaders like Ireland's Enda Kenny have described this as a "seismic shift" in policy - and we all know who he was talking about - the German leader.
David Cameron has vowed to win safeguards for Britain's place in Europe while keeping out of the latest EU summit efforts