Mervyn King

'You have got to have a fallback position which the other side understands and believes is credible.'
The UK needs to be better prepared for a “no deal” Brexit to show Brussels there is a “credible” alternative should the negotiations
Former Bank of England governor Lord King has said Scotland “could be an independent country”, dismissing fears over the
Billionaire Wilbur Ross will be responsible for negotiating a free trade deal with the UK.
A billionaire businessman chosen by US President-Elect Donald Trump as his new trade chief has said that Brexit represents
The Bank of England congratulated itself on its handling of market turmoil during the early stages of the financial crisis
Bank of England officials considered featuring Admiral Horatio Nelson and Edward Jenner, pioneer of the smallpox vaccine
Regular readers of this blog will know that I've always had a theoretical problem with forward guidance. Telling people that
The Bank of England has sparked outrage for spending nearly £9,200 on two leaving parties for former deputy governor Paul