Mervyn King

Yesterday a man decided that the pound's value against the euro and the dollar was 'just about right'. As a result, the pound stopped weakening against the euro and the dollar, as it has been doing so for several months. I was disappointed. I get paid in euros so I benefit from the pound being weak.
Mark Carney, the head of Canada's central bank, who once said he was willing to blow the whistle on big financial institutions
What a week! At least, it was if you were David Petraeus, Abu Qatada, Lord McAlpine, George Entwistle, Nadine Dorries or
Bank of England governor Sir Mervyn King warned on Wednesday that UK output may shrink again as the economy continues its
To hope that the commitment to cutting public spending in the name of deficit reduction will be reversed in the face of continuing recession and little effect on the deficit currently seems highly optimistic - the major political parties united as they are in almost unwavering support for it. So long as it continues so will recession.
There will be serious consequences for everyone if inflation is not controlled quickly.
Inflation fell to its lowest level for nearly three years last month, but energy price hikes are expected to put household
Does the Bank of England really need to give the government license on this, or is King admitting covertly that the government's austerity programme is not working?
Bank of England governor Sir Mervyn King retires next June; a number of prominent banking candidates are being touted to
The Bank of England will hold back from prescribing further doses of emergency medicine for the ailing recovery on Wednesday