A Canadian Mountie has accidentally filmed a spectacular meteor. The remarkable footage was caught on a camera perched on
Did you see a green-tinged meteor flash across the sky on Wednesday night? Witnesses have reported seeing the "fireball" shoot
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A rock that crashed through a Connecticut man's roof last weekend cracking his kitchen ceiling has been confirmed as a meteorite
Nasa chief Charles Bolden has said the best defence against asteroids is... prayer. The remark was made at the US House of
Now, we know there's nothing particularly laugh-out-loud funny about buildings being hit by a meteorite and people getting
The number of casualties of the meteor that struck Chelyabinsk Friday morning has sharply risen, reaching 1,100. Officials
After a meteor exploded over Russia today, injuring nearly 1,000 people, Dr Hugh Lewis, an astronautics expert from the University
Shocking headlines have dominated the newsstands this week, from the Pope quitting on Monday, in a move not seen at the Vatican
A meteor has reportedly exploded over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk, injuring hundreds of people. At 9.20am local time, a large object flashed across the sky, leaving a long white vapour trail.