Russian researchers claim to have spotted an asteroid pass narrowly above the Earth, unbeknownst to astronomers. The asteroid
Hollywood loves to point out the likelihood that a meteor will end up destroying civilisation. But it turns out that a meteor
Last week's meteor shower resulted in some amazing images, and a lot of beautiful evenings under the night sky for astronomers
Astronomers - and virtually anyone with a decent telescope and a view of the right bit of the sky - are looking forward to
Nasa has a new Grand Challenge: save the world. From asteroids. The space agency is already working with astronomers around
An asteroid nine-times the size of an ocean liner that flew past us on a "near-Earth" trajectory last month is an entirely
A massive asteroid currently flying past the Earth has its own moon, Nasa has said. Asteroid 1998 QE2 is about 2.7 kilometres
The European Space Agency has official inaugurated a centre to give early warnings in the event of a dangerous asteroid or