Mexico City Policy

Restricting information and access to contraception and abortions, particularly for adolescent girls and already marginalised women, denies them control over their bodies. This undermines women's health and impacts women's ability to access education, work, and ability to participate in all areas of economic, political and social life.
Safe abortion services may still be possible for South African women, but HIV education and treatment may be under threat.
This law will not reduce the amount of abortions, it will limit the amount of funding for cancer screenings, HIV treatment, and contraception.
A Dutch minister has announced funding to oppose Donald Trump’s anti-abortion order, saying “we must not let that happen
Funding that is helping South African women access healthcare where it isn't readily available is now under serious threat.
The action shows the extent to which abortion is seen, not as a fundamental healthcare necessity for women, but as a plaything for politicians who want to posture and demonstrate their traditional, conservative commitments. Those of us who believe that women should be able to decide for themselves how to plan their families; those of us who see abortion as a legitimate and necessary part of healthcare; and, who believe that the morals and values of women throughout the world should not be dictated by them and not funders, need to raise our voices now.
Surrounded by a group of men, Donald Trump has signed an executive order cutting funding to health groups that advise on