There was a situation and unwelcome diners in a mess hall.
Our campaign to ban glue traps and take the cruelty out of wildlife management has already enjoyed support from wildlife
It’s a battle of the pests -- roaches or mice. Which would you rather have? What are the pros and cons? How do you get rid of both or either of them?
A woman has found a dead mouse in a packet of baby wipes whilst removing her make-up before bed. Leanne Phelps, who is mother
Across the globe real sightings of eclipses have been spotted. However, astrologists say that they are not appearing in their usual habitat, due to dietary change and 'solar exhaustion'.
In labs, using male mice models is often a default move. Male models are considered 'easier' and more uniform.
I spoke to two people, who were children in the past, about the awful time in their lives, when they owned stick insects. Sarah & Lizzie are real life sisters and perform inappropriate sketches, in a bid to win their mother's affection.
Gaming is big business. Launches like Call of Duty are now outperforming the biggest blockbusters that Hollywood can come
In June 2013 I moved back to my home in Wales after having spent what seemed like an eternity in London. I'm not sure if it's something that tends to happen in your late 40s but I have found myself becoming for want of a better word an eco-warrior.
MPs have been told they are not allowed to get a cat to police the Houses of Parliament for mice, because they can not be
Paedophile mice are kept at bay by the tears of their potential victims, research has shown. The tears contain a pheromone
On 16 July, the Home Office released statistics regarding the types of 4.11 million scientific procedures on other animals used in 2012, which again show an increase compared to 2011 figures. The Vegan Society is deeply worried about this trend and the assumed effectiveness of animal research that exists among many scientists and parliamentarians.
Maybe the clue is in the fact that it's called a hamster wheel. Perhaps our little mousey friend simply needs a mouse wheel
For decades it was thought that only humans and some birds were capable of learning songs – but a new study claims that mice
Although non-smokers may find it hard to believe, cigarettes are intensely pleasurable to those addicted to nicotine. A puff
It’s a battle that’s all too familiar to millions of people – on one side is a packet of biscuits, the sofa and a DVD, on
A London branch of Tesco has been forced to close by Westminster council due to the severe scale of a mouse infestation in
Happy anniversary to Larry the Downing Street cat, who has now been attempting to chase vermin out of No.10 for a year. The
I have lost weight. Unintentionally and accidentally. Not sure how much, about eight pounds, both my skimmy and skinny jeans are loose. Bizarrely this does not fill me with glee. I would spatch all those LBs back on if I could just get rid of the cause.