Michael Dugher

Another five years of this neglect and falling investment will only make things worse. That's why Labour has set out a new and better plan to help all road users, including motorists, cyclists and bikers.
A public sector operator will be running trains as soon as possible under a Labour government, with the current franchising
Less than six months from a finely balanced UK election, it's no surprise public transport and buses are under attack from politicians looking for a headline and some votes. But Shadow Transport Secretary Michael Dugher does everyone a disservice by failing to understand buses and pushing policies that will damage Britain's bus networks.
Ministers are under pressure not to sell the East Coast Main Line to Sir Richard Branson's Virgin group and the transport
The Tory Lie Machine is desperate to distract attention from the fact that they've raised taxes 24 times, and that tax and benefit changes since 2010 will leave the average household £974 a year worse off by the time of the next election - while giving millionaires a tax cut. But when they choose to lie about Labour's plans, we're going to call them out on it.
The Tories' and Lib Dems' hands off approach means the civil service looks like the last closed shop, based on an institutional elitism which excludes many exceptional individuals with ordinary backgrounds. For those who already feel that the levers of power are distant and remote from their lives the civil service is a closed circle - out of reach and out of touch.
How we communicate continues to change. The rise of social media and online news means that elections will be fought in new ways. It will be quicker, more open, more democratic and more discursive, not least because for the first time it will also be fought online. Broadcast media still continues to dominate, but the fast-declining, overwhelmingly Conservative-supporting press will not have anything like the disproportionate influence they have had in the past.
This week I was privileged to attend the launch of 'Step Up to Serve', a new cross-party and cross-sector national initiative to increase the number of young people taking part in social action across the UK... This is a vital campaign as the truth is we are currently failing to maximise the energy, talent and potential of millions of young people.
In his speech to the Conservative party conference, David Cameron spoke for over 50 minutes but he said very little. No policies to deal with the huge cost of living crisis that has left people on average nearly £1,500 a year worse off since the General Election. For most people it must seem like Cameron is not so much trying to "finish the job", but finish them off.
Infantile and irresponsible briefings from the prime minister's office combined with a complete organisational and political shambles at Downing Street. If David Cameron has a leadership crisis today, then it is one entirely of his own making.