Michael Howard

“How can we reproach Russia, or China, or Iran ... when we are showing such scant regard for our treaty obligations?” Howard asked.
Theresa May has admitted the Conservative Party was not prepared when she called a snap general election. The Prime Minister
Only a week has gone by since the UK officially notified the EU that we wanted to leave. It is hard to believe how things have deteriorated so badly in that short time.
And politically, the PM and Gibraltar’s Chief Minister attempted to put on a show of calm. And right-wing columnist Simon
The five things you need to know on Thursday June 17, 2016… 1) ARMAGEDDON OUTTA HERE Just a week to go, folks. And the blue
Former Tory leader Lord Howard today claimed “there is a chance” of a second referendum if the UK votes to Leave the EU in
Michael Howard was asked on Friday morning whether he was a "bastard" for opposing David Cameron and backing Brexit. The
The five things you need to know on Friday February 26, 2016… 1) HOWARD’S END Michael Howard has been on the Today programme