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'Coronation Street' star Michael Le Vell won't be seen drinking alcohol on screen following his battle with the booze. Bosses
As the upcoming series of ā€˜Celebrity Big Brotherā€™ draws nearer, the rumour mill is going into overdrive with a whole slew
Michael Le Vell has been spotted on the ā€˜Coronation Streetā€™ set, though instead of starring as mechanic Kevin Webster, it
Troubled 'Coronation Street' star Michael le Vell is set to leave rehab after successfully completing a three-and-a-half
ā€˜Coronation Streetā€™ actor Michael Le Vell is planning his return to the ITV soap, following his stint in rehab for substance
Michael Le Vell's rehab bill is reportedly being covered by his 'Coronation Street' bosses, in a show of support for the