Michael Masutha

The reason for the minister's collapse – his second in a year – has not been revealed.
The state will keep funding Zuma's legal defense while a court battle over the issue plays out.
Now the state attorney says it will abide by the court's decision on whether or not the state should keep paying Zuma's legal fees.
Justice Minister Michael Masutha said the agreement is not a broader extradition treaty, but is limited to the Gupta case.
"Fraser is a compromised individual who is wholly unfit to hold such a vital position within government."
The justice minister has revealed that Zuma's total legal bills thus far amount to R24-million.
"The competence, skill, experience that he exudes and displays in his work... gives me confidence that he is the man for the job".
Justice Minister Michael Masutha to submit government's plans to withdraw from the Rome Statute to Parliament.
Walus was granted parole last year after spending 24-years in jail for assassinating Hani.
Less than a week after public submissions for ICC withdrawal bill closes, minister seems to change his mind
This follows a high court ruling that says SA's initial attempt to withdraw was invalid.
As South Africa pushes for the Rome Statute of the ICC Act Repeal Bill, AU countries have adopted a strategy to leave collectively.