Michael Owen

The former Manchester United forward gave the speech while collecting the Uefa President’s Award.
One saving grace for the likes of Leicester, Bournemouth and Boro has to be the fact that Sunderland are surely halfway up the creek with no paddles whatsoever. Jermain Defoe crashed a shot against the bar but you just knew that a very average City side were going to score eventually, and they did. If I was feeling generous I would say that is what a good side can do, play badly and win. But I'm not feeling generous.
A rugby player clung on to a woman's hand for more than an hour after she threatened to jump off an M4 bridge. Michael Owen
Michael Owen was among the sportsmen, celebrities and TV personalities that gathered at the Tower of London ahead of Sunday's
Once a red, now very much a blue, Michael Owen could be the punch-line for the current coalition government's legacy when
England will play Chile at Wembley next month for the first time in over 15 years since Marcelo Salas' brilliance. On Michael
As far as Premier League debuts go, BT Sport's coverage of Liverpool versus Stoke City was more Ali Dia than Fabrizio Ravanelli
Owen could, perhaps should, have been the finest of his generation. Ronaldo instead takes that honour despite also being afflicted by injuries and having issues with stimulating himself on a football pitch. The difference between the pair is Ronaldo is synonymous with greatness whereas Owen just flirted with it.
Michael Owen, the Stoke City striker, is to retire at the end of the season. Owen, 33, won 89 caps with England but has succumbed
Michael Owen posted a picture of his trophy cabinet on New Year's Day in a retort to Twitter trolls. The Stoke City striker
Michael Owen has played 53 minutes for Stoke City and has earned £7,000 a minute. The Sun say the injury-prone striker, who
Michael Owen has said he was overplayed by Liverpool at the beginning of his career, hampering chances of him becoming a
Michael Owen, surprise surprise, is injured again. That allowed the Stoke City striker to not just appear on Match of the
So diving is a cancer in football. The other thing that's cancerous is stupid sensationalist responses to diving. There are two counts of this: firstly there's the lacking perspective angle of the likes of Tony Pulis who thinks that a yellow card offence is worthy of a 3 match ban, then there's the 'blame the foreigners' angle of any old school "hoof it oop t' bloody pitch" punter.
Michael Owen has admitted he was "guilty" of going to ground too easily when playing for England against Argentina at two
Michael Owen has finally been cleared by the Premier League to play as striker for Stoke City after his release from Manchester
A look at what is making the headlines on the back pages of Tuesday's press.
Michael Owen, free agent and once of Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle United and Manchester United, appeared on Sky Sports
Michael Owen is set to join Premier League side Stoke City after he was released by Manchester United last month. The 32