Michael Portillo

Andrew Mitchell has used the word "pleb" in private conversation, a Tory former Cabinet minister said - but he did not believe
Former defence secretaries have backed the decision to wait for a report from UN weapons inspectors before taking action
The UK is currently at a crossroads: we can choose to become a world leader in disarmament, non-proliferation and the verification systems necessary to realise the eradication of nuclear weapons worldwide, or we can choose to contribute to global insecurity, nuclear proliferation, and increase the risk of nuclear terrorism through the modernising of our nuclear arsenal.
Ed Miliband is to accuse David Cameron of putting efforts to hold the Tory party together ahead of the national interest
Now the 'send in the clowns' shtick has gone stale, it's now time to send in the 'political has-beens'. If either Michael Portillo or Alan Johnson remained on the front-line of British politics, their respective parties would be far more likely to win the next general election.
David Cameron could take the extraordinary step of voting against his own Queen's Speech next week, as he attempts to placate
The United Kingdom "should be prepared" to leave the European UnionBoris Johnson has said, as David Cameron condemned Tories
Former Conservative cabinet minister Michael Portillo has become the latest Tory heavyweight to argue that Britain should
Michael Portillo has slammed "stupid" Tory MPs who think the Conservatives would have been able to push through a more radical
David Cameron's claim that the UK needs nuclear weapons to defend itself from North Korea has been dismissed as "absurd" by