Michael Schumacher coma

Michael Schumacher has finally left a Swiss hospital to continue his recovery at home after suffering devastating injuries
Michael Schumacher is able to communicate by fluttering his eyelashes sparking hopes that the former Formula 1 world champion
Michael Schumacher's wife claims the seven-times Formula One world champion is "getting better slowly" after spending six
Medical notes which allegedly belong to former Formula One champion Michael Schumacher have been stolen and are being offered
What does it say about the media that this is the coverage we got about a middle-aged man fighting for his life? Often, when we debate media ethics today, there are a lot of grey areas, but personally I think we can be fairly black and white in this particular case. It tells us that the media places little to no value on fact, on privacy, on respect and on basic human dignity.
Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher is communicating with his family and is able to breath unassisted for limited
UPDATE: Schumacher 'Can Breathe On His Own & Is Responding To Voices' Michael Schumacher is no longer in a coma and has left
UPDATE: Michael Schumacher 'No Longer In A Coma' And Leaves Hospital Michael Schumacher "is out of danger" and has been moved
Michael Schumacher is showing signs of improvement three months after he was placed in a coma following a skiing accident
Michael Schumacher fans have bombarded a German magazine with complaints after its front page featured a picture of the Formula