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Conversely, my daughter Hallory-Blue must also make a statement every time she leaves the house but of course being a girl, it's a much less important statement. She must signal to the world that she will not obstruct or threaten the biologically-proven male-female hierarchy
An important thing to remember in this scenario is to remain calm and confident. Women love a confident man and if you start to show a little anxiety or nervousness or perhaps even break down and cry because one of her punches spanked your Aviators clean off your face and into the road, you'll only succeed in turning her off.
A Ukip member saying something controversial is not news. It would be news if they said something calm and measured. It would be news if they constructed just one sentence that didn't resemble a drunken scrawl on the toilet wall of a police station in 1974. If we all turned the other way, news editors might think twice about covering...
As one of my favourite TV shows of all time comes to a close, it's worth examining why it deserves to be written about by someone like me.